This playlist will put hairs on places they have never been before, or at least wake you up.

An Introduction To Beastie Boys B-Sides (85-89)

As one of the most prolific groups, the Beasties released several genre breaking masterpieces which spawned many eccentric B-sides and rarities. This list serves as an introduction to the loose songs for those who have only discovered the studio albums.

Licensed To Ill Era

She’s On It

This track is one of the more readily available songs that are not attached to a studio album as this was the Beasties second release on Def Jam with an accompanying video which took them to No. 10 on the UK Singles Chart. This track was also performed by the group fo the Krush Groove movie. The track itself is some of your typical primitive Beasties with a repetitive riffs and frat-boy aesthetics.

2 Spanish Flies/10

I’m Down

Borrowed from the Beatles track of the same name, this rarity has only been released in a demo format on bootlegs. This cut would have originally appeared on the album however the copyright holder Michael Jackson denied permission, although eventually the group would pay sample homage to the fab four in the track, ‘The Sounds Of Science’ , three years later.

4 Beans/10 


Originally intended as a B-side but never officially surfaced due to violent content and allusions to crack in the lyrics. However, the track is readily available though the 1990 film Pump Up The Volume where it is played through a pirate radio station. This track is an 808 beat drowned out in reverb with the Beasties trading lines surrounding mattresses, crack and murder with off the wall vocal effects top it off.

5 Homeboys/10 

Paul’s Boutique Era

Love American Style EP (Shake Your Rump/Hey Ladies)

You can find this release for a reasonable price as the EP was re-released for the Grand Royal Imprint

33% God

An alternative instrumental for Shake Your Rump featuring additional samples from Jazzy Sensation, Car Wash and Rock The House. This B side is an example of the sampling genius of the Dust Brothers and the late Matt Dike.

8 Rumps/10

Dis Yourself In ’89 (Just Do It)

The other alternative instrumental for Hey Ladies featuring extra samples from Jungle, Breakdance and a Monty Python Sketch. Yet again the listener is treated with the inner workings of the sampling tapestry of Paul’s Boutique.

7 Cowbells/10


An Exciting Evening At Home With Shadrach, Meshach And Abednego

Unfortunately both the 12″ vinyl and cassette releases have become a rarity with no reissues probably due to the wealth of additional samples featured within the B sides. Be sure to look out for this while crate digging and don’t support the over-sellers on Discogs/Ebay.

Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix

 A draft for Stop That Train which featured in the B-Boy Bouillabaisse, featuring a mostly unsuccessful attempt at dub. The cut is also introduced with an excerpt for what would later be named Ask For Janice Pt. 2.

3 Hot Dogs/10

And What You Give Is What You Get

The alternative instrumental for the final single, Shadrach featuring extra samples from George Carlin, The Jam and most notably Rise Above by Black Flag. This mix is similar to the remake for their infamous Soul Train appearance and  once again solidifies The Dust Brothers as pioneers of plunderphonics

8 Meshachs/10

Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already

Mike D is pitched down to Barry White levels and riffs over Soulful Strut on what is by far the funniest b-side so far. I even find myself singing the chorus from time to time.

7 leeches/10

Your Sister’s Def

An acapella from the Beasties DJ, Doctor Dre with some questionable themes obviously inspired by their previous image which is almost intentionally jarring with the new sound and aesthetic of the Paul’s Boutique period.

2 Beasts/10


All the tracks (apart from Your Sister’s Def) are availible in this playlist


Feel free to comment any corrections, complaints or one’s i have missed or just how you are doing today


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